SONIC TOMORROW is a collective of artists, researchers, and activists seeking to query the place and performance of political action and activism within discourses and practices of sonic arts and experimental musics.


JUNE 21 2023  
Common Tonalities
Stadtbad Kunstforum Brandenburg
Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

JULY 2023  
Artist Residency
Kultura Kresu
Białowieża, Poland

AUGUST 25 2023  
Lecture Performance
Sound Art Lab x Struer Tracks Biennial
Struer, Denmark

SEPTEMBER 1–3 2023
Situated Ecologies: sounding ecological entanglements in urban environments
Floating University
Berlin, Germany

OCTOBER 14 2023
Listening Forward: Symposium on Sonic Ecology & Activism
Techne Sphere
Leipzig, Germany

NOVEMBER 25 2023
Paper Presentation
Beyond Listening Symposium: Agency, Art and the Environment, CENSE - Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies
Budapest, Hungary