TOPOGRAPHIES OF RESISTANCE is an ongoing research project which thinks through the Białowieża Forest as a fertile soil for speculating on a borderless future. 

The project moves through different forms, which include a sound installation, listening sessions, radio works, lecture performances, presentations, and research papers.

The sound installation, titled Wounds heal in the green of newborn life, will be premiered at Sanatorium of Sound in August 2024.

Central to the project is the format of a słuchowisko:

Słuchowisko (literally ‘a place for/of listening’)

Resonating with the Polish word for ‘bonfire’ (‘ognisko - a place of/for fire’), the live format is a participatory listening experience in which the listeners become part of the work and the sound piece becomes the bonfire at the centre of the gathering. Combining field recordings, storytelling, speculative narratives, research, and music, this sound work reflects on the existing border fluidity of the Podlasie region (the region on the Polish side of the Białowieża Forest), developing images and imaginaries of a borderless future.

Photos: Helena Majewska

Upcoming presentations:

August 2024, Sanatorium of Sound, Sokołowsko (Poland) – sound installation (Wounds heal in the green of newborn life)

Past presentations:

August 2023, Sound Art Lab / Struer Tracks, Struer (Denmark) – lecture performance 

September 2023, Situated Ecologies Festival, Floating University, Berlin (Germany) – słuchowisko

October 2023, Listening Forward Symposium, IMPULS Festival, Leipzig (Germany) – słuchowisko

November 2023, Beyond Listening Symposium, CENSE – Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies, Budapest (Hungary) – paper presentation